It is possible that some surgeons may use old tension repairs like Bassini or Shouldice under the pretext of mesh free surgery. So always insist for mesh free repair by "DESARDA TECHNIQUE" only


No mesh direct inguinal hernia repair surgery-Desarda Repair

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Indirect inguinal hernia repair

Recurrent inguinal hernia repair

Direct inguinal hernia repair

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recovers in Dr. Desarda Inguinal Hernia Repair and also the live operation video:


1]  Slide show: A message to all surgeons and new theories of inguinal hernia formation 

2] Video prepared by ron powers from USA:

3] New concepts about hernia:

4]  Join our herniasurgery group

 (To exchange views between operated and perspective patients with hernia)


 1] No mesh direct inguinal hernia repair surgery-Desarda Repair


2] Direct Inguinal hernia repair without mesh-Dr. Desarda Repair 225MB

3] Indirect inguinal hernia surgery without mesh-Dr. Desarda Reapir 200MB

4] Recurrent inguinal hernia operation without mesh-Dr. Desarda Repair 132MB

 5] Mr. Dan on 3rd day of his both groin hernias repaired by Dr. Desarda repair technique

 6] Stuart video showing recovery after his no mesh repair by "Dr. Desarda technique"

 7] DAVID from USA after his groin hernia surgery by Dr. Desarda repair technique

 8] Dr. Arun recovery video 2.2.2012


1] Operation video:

2] David: Recovery  

3] Stuart: Recovery

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