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It is possible that some surgeons may use old tension repairs like Bassini or Shouldice under the pretext of mesh free surgery. So always insist for mesh free repair by "DESARDA TECHNIQUE" only

Mesh never gives protection by itself as believed by many. Body forms a curtain around the scaffold of mesh and then it takes another 2-3 years to gain strength in it to give protection. Till then you are not 100% protected !!!


Every surgeon should take an informed consent in writing from the patient to avoid the court litigation in future following mesh complications after MESH REPAIR because it is a foreign body !!
TAKE A CONSENT:-  1] that mesh is a foreign body, a piece of  synthetic cloth prepared from Polypropylene or Polyester
2] It is associated with possible complications of recurrence, pain, infection, testicular damage, hematoma, seroma, migration, rejection, perforations, sinus formations, intestinal adhesions, sterility etc. etc.
Patient may file a suit against the doctor and the hospital in future if such informed consent in writing is not taken from the patient before hernia surgery with mesh because it is a foreign body being implanted !!!

Arun on 2nd day of syrgery

Stuart on 2nd day of Desarda no mesh repair

Fast recovery-Watch what David says

Dan after bilateral groin hernia surgery by Desarda mesh free technique

Recovery of Ron from USA

Feed back after Desarda repair done by another surgeon from Mumbai

Fast recovery seen after mesh free desarda repair for bilateral inguinal hernia

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