Risks & Disclaimer

Inguinal hernia surgery is a commonly carried out procedure and is quite safe. There are some

risks linked to this operation as well, as is the case with any surgical procedure; And in order to make an informed decision, you must be aware of the probable risks and complications of the Inguinal hernia repair surgery.

Risks and Complications Associated With Inguinal Hernia Surgery

1] Feeling sick as a result of the anesthesia or sedatives.

2] Pain, swelling and bruising in the inguinal and scrotal area.

3] Occasionally, some people develop an unforeseen and adverse reaction to the anesthetic or other medicines.

4] Infection, too much bleeding, or development of a blood clot, testicular ischaemia, scrotal or penile swelling is sometimes known to occur.

These complications may necessitate further treatments like returning to the operating room to treat the complication, or administration of anti-biotics to manage the infection.

5] Firm thickness in scar or mild stretching pain or tingling numbness in the groin may occur; this may last for a few days to few months.

6] Complications due to associated and/or pre-existing disease or anxiety.

7] Hernia recurrence or surgery failure is very low, (less than 1%).

By and large, risks and complications are specific to a person, and tend to vary for each individual. It would be better to consult with your surgeon about how these risks may apply to you.


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